La VIE Luxe


Les Mains Hermès is the third chapter of Hermès Beauty. A collection combining care with color, echoing Hermès' handicrafts and workmanship. A complete hand-care cream, a nourishing oil for nails and cuticles, a protective base coat, nail enamels, a top coat and a set of nail files compose a repertoire of personal care.
Made in france.
Rose Porcelaine

A powdery pink, like a protective and delicately translucent halo.

Rose Baltique

A slightly shaded Nordic pink marked by mineral freshness.

Rose Tamisé

A dark rosewood shaded with purple, as elusive and diaphanous as the evening mist.

Rouge H

An emblematic color of the house of Hermès, created originally in 1925 for leather goods.

Bleu Encre

The dark and intense blue of the receding night at the break of dawn.

Rose Coquille

A soft and tender pink delicately tinged with beige with a long lasting shine.

Rose Horizon

A radiant and dazzling coral pink evoking a new morning with a lacquered shine.

Orange Boite

The dynamic color of the house's signature box, since 1942.

Rose Incarnat

Rose Incarnat, a garnet-tinted pink, both sensual and soft.

Rogue Exotique

Lively and luminous, Rogue Exotique has the radiance of a freshly-squeezed pomegranate.

Rogue Casaque

Vibrant, dense and radiant red, evoking the silk garment worn by jockeys.

Vert Égyptien

A nuanced emerald green, evokes reflections of mirages in Nice Valley under palm trees of Luxor.

Rogue Piment

A flamboyant and spicy red with blue undertones, is an infusion of summer and winter.

Rose Indien

An intense and vibrant pink with blue undertones. A color emblematic of the Fantasies indiennes scarf.

Orange Brûlé

A smoldering orange, like a harvest moon, a tawny glow in the depths of night.

Rose Magenta

Rose Magenta - is a cool, dense pink, intense and striking.

Rouge Amazone

A warm toned brick red, inspired by the ceremonial harnesses created by Hermès in 1894.

Rouge Grenade

A pinkish scarlet touched with sweetness of pomegranate.

Jaune Impérial

A solar shade with ochre undertones, evokes the color only Chinese emperors were entitled to wear.

Gris Étoupe

Is a grey tinged with linen beige, recalling the coastline of the Leeward Islands.

Violet Byzantin

Violet Byzantin, a dark plum with a dreamlike amethyst sheen.

Vert Écossais

A deep and intense tartan green evoking Highland moors, lochs and fairy-tale forests.

Brun Bistre

The deep color that accentuates the border of each orange box.